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Eternal Captive - Laura Wright From the bat Eternal Captive put me through a maelstrom of emotions. Luca touched me in ways I didn’t think he would and his romance with Bronwyn just shook me to my core – in all the good ways! In the previous stories of Mark of the Vampire series there were encounters between Luca and Bronwyn that reverberated a magnetic sensual force. I couldn’t wait to see where they were headed because there was no doubt in my mind they were meant for each other. What Laura Wright delivered exceeded all my expectations.

As I returned to the world now familiar to me I found Bronwyn concocting a plan to avoid being presented to the Breeding Male. This plan brought a new character to the cast named; Synjon Wise and he instantly flipped my intrigue switch. He is described as a combo between a Special Forces officer from his native Britain and a Navy Seal from the US; hello Synjon!! The danger and mystery clinging to this character made me want to unravel all there is to know about him! While he played an important role in Eternal Captive the story was all about Bronwyn and Luca.

Luca, with his flippant attitude, is a vampire who entered Eternal Hunger for the first time and made me think; MINE! He doesn’t care what everybody thinks and goes his own way but underneath it all hides a complex nature. Now in Eternal Captive I got inside his heart and mind and he blew me away. He became the fantastic mix of attitude, vulnerability, emotions and prowess.

Bronwyn was largely responsible for the change in Luca. She is a scientist, definitely a smart cookie who is fierce, bold and caring. She takes matters in to her own hands and it might get her in to trouble she is just not one who will sit by the sidelines to see her life get orchestrated. I loved to see Bronwyn’s braveness coupled with a certain fear, to see her grow and change throughout the story. What I loved most was how she challenged Luca and gradually fell in love with him.

The powerful pairing of these two characters created an exquisite love/hate affair that was simply titillating to read. Due to personal reasons Bronwyn wants to elude the Breeding Male at all costs and Luca is a son of the Breeding Male – halfway becoming one. This romantic conflict, combined with the burning attraction and the overall plot arc just knocked me off my feet. It was a battle of will power, of the heart and soul which captivated me with the well of emotions pouring from Bronwyn and Luca. The interactions was a clash of sharp minds, fierceness and sexual undertones and I gobbled it all up.

Not to mention the fact that the intricate rules, customs and society structures bring depth to this vampire race. It brings conflict and injustice, dangers, mystery and adventures; all elements that elevated the romance to greater heights. It infused this story with bloodcurdling scenes that got me crying. It delivered such intense bittersweet moments I could actually feel my heart ache for the characters involved. Laura Wright superbly deepened the characterization of the familiar cast of characters. She made the villain so evil I wanted to strangle him myself and added some new characters whom intrigued me. These new characters; Erion, Lycos, Phane and Helos mark a new plotline within the story arc and one I’m enthusiastic about.

I want to jubilate more about the romance, which consumed me from beginning till end. About the plot that took it up a notch and kept me riveted to the pages. If I could share the erotic heat I felt between Luca and Bronwyn I could create a pleasant bonfire. And if I could talk more about the high-stake dangers of all the trials and tribulations I would, but I want you to find it out all on your own.

Luca played all my emotional chords like no tomorrow. He and Bronwyn gave me a romance I will never forget, set in a rich and detailed world with a memorable supporting cast of characters. Laura Wright, you rocked my world with this one!!


Bronwyn gazed up into the face of her dear friend. Movie-star handsome, with an athlete’s body and the loyalty of a gracious god, Synjon Wise had grown from an awkward balas into a six-foot-four, broad-shouldered paven of every veana’s fantasy.

Lucian’s hand came up and covered hers, as his eyes implored her with their ferocity. “I feel the animal within me emerging, Princess. It’s raw and uncontained, but it wants to please you. If we wait…”His chin dropped, his voice too. “I cannot hurt you, do you understand?”

She hadn’t wanted it this way – not out of necessity. She’d wanted him to want her, God – to really care for her. She’d wanted him to take her, make her feel what he felt; his rage, his lust, his sadness – his endless sadness.

In his one hundred and twenty-five years, Lucian had felt deep hunger. He’d felt uncontrolled lust. He’d felt impending insanity. He’d felt sorrow and hopelessness come over him in thick waves of fog. But never in his life had he felt them all at once. This wasn’t morpho – he was never going through morpho. This was the pain and agony of changing into the Breeding Male.