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Out Of Focus - L.A. Witt Now that I’ve finished Out Of Focus I can tell you the emotional punch is in the tail of the story. For the first hundred and fifty pages I met and got to know three energetic and personable men. Jordan Steele, Dante James and Ryan “Angel” Morgan have a body language that emanated sexuality. The concept of two Doms and a submissive piqued my curiosity. How would this work in the bedroom and ultimately, in a relationship? The beginning confused me however as the author alternated between the three characters point of view in each new chapter. This subsided gradually as I read along but never completely vanished either. It could’ve been so easily solved by just marking each chapter with their name. A simple solution but it would’ve enhanced the pleasure of reading this story!

When Jordan, Dante and Angel meet the attraction is palpable. Jordan wants a photo shoot of his horses but finds out Dante and Angel also do more provocative shoots which titillates him to no end. This interest culminates in to a photo shoot that set my blood ablaze and made me squirm in my seat. While nothing overly sexual happens the erotic tension is superbly translated by the author. L.A. Witt presented me with three fascinating men to get to know, an appealing storyline and she could make me absorb the sexy-as-hell magnetism directly from the pages. I was so ready for more.

But all I got more of was the sexual connection between the three men and plenty of banter. At over a hundred pages I started to wonder where the conflicts were – and I got more sex play. Where were the challenges and character development and all I got were more sexy scenes. I also wondered, while there is a good dose of eroticism there are no intricate Dominant/submissive scenes. Angel and Dante ask permission for every little thing and there is very little exploring of Jordan’s boundaries as a submissive. There could’ve been such emotional depth in a good D/s scene but all I got was more wicked banter.

Now I have no objections to wicked, wild and wanton with fast-paced dialogues so I settled for the fact the set-up of this ménage had a casual angle. At some point though, since this was an erotic romance, I wondered when the romantic development would occur. Well, I found my answer in the last quarter of the story when love was coming in to play. In one moment the emotion caught fire and with it came the believable doubts, fears and a whole set of feelings that made their arrangement that much more complicated. I liked it. It was real! The dilemma presented was an edgy one and something that truly grabbed me. In this portion of the book the point of view from each man is the clearest. L.A. Witt gave wonderful insight in Jordan, Angel and Dante’s emotions, reasoning, the doubts and also the love they felt.

All in all the balance of story vs romance development was off for me and the D/s scenes remained on the surface. However, the characters were amazing, the interaction dynamic and the sensuality so good my body temperature rose while reading it. The latter made Out Of Focus a story I could enjoy!

3.5 stars