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Carolina Moon - Nora Roberts Murder, southern small-town intrigues, hot passion, engaging characters and a whiff of paranormal. Carolina Moon engrossed me from start to finish. I was hooked with the murder on an eight year old girl named Hope and how it affected the brother, twin sister and her best friend. Tory is a multi-faceted character with a past that reverberated her strong personality. I sympathized with her as a girl and rooted for the woman she became. The way Nora Roberts meshed the mystery, the romance, both main and secondary, the past and the present in a setting of southern smalltown charm just made me read this story whenever I got the chance. The mystery and murder of Hope got depth with the point of views from her brother, Cade, twin-sister, Faith and her best friend, Tory. It was easy to connect myself with them as kids but also how it still affects them as adults. The evil doer remained a mystery until the end and there I was taken by surprise at the unraveling of the whodunnit. Romance and mystery enhance each other and again I thought the love and friendship had great dynamics. The romance was sweet and fiery and the friendships had quips and quirks to make it fun to read. The paranormal element is small and contains something Tory can do.

I have a fantastic time going into this small-town setting and becoming a part of it and the characters lives. That is the power of Nora Roberts, by the end of this story characters have become dear friends and involve the reader in all the good and the bad. I loved, I laughed, I cried and way too soon the story had come to an end. Carolina Moon will forever be one of me favorite stories!!