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The Angel (The Original Sinners) - Tiffany Reisz If there is one author this year whom has made an indelible impression on me then it is Tiffany Reisz. I consider myself a high maintenance, erotic romance reader. I want the complex rather than the fluffy. I want authors to seek out my boundaries rather than play it safe. I want characters to make thought provoking decisions or actions rather than be vanilla. Tiffany Reisz fits the needs for the extraordinary to a tee with her stellar writing skills and enigmatic characters.

The Angel is the sequel to The Siren and superseded my ever expectation. The sheer excellence in every aspect of the storytelling seeped in to my imagination and took me on a great journey. The deviant sexual tension and play between Nora, Søren, Griffin and Michael was arousing to read. The array of emotions and the character development made me laugh one moment, read breathlessly the next and cry in other moments. The layered characterization is stellar, each character was three dimensional in their personality and they became real to me. The past of Søren broke my heart yet at the same time forged a bond between the both of us and I didn’t resist the magnetic pull he had. He is intriguing, complex and somewhat disturbing but I came to love every aspect of him! Nora is diabolic humor, love and wickedness wrapped up in such a strong personality. I admire her, her outlook on life, who she is and the deep, abiding love she feels. Kingsley still has so much mystery surrounding him but I loved him for it. I love a good puzzle and this man definitely is one! I also got to meet Michael; his growth in ‘The Angel’ was amazing to witness and touched me in so many ways. His budding strength and sense of self endeared me. And then there’s Griffin, for all his sexy joker ways there is depth in his heart and soul. By the end of the story he had me wrapped up in his charismatic ways.

Each of these character claimed a part of me in a way where it leaves me changed as a reader. The writing style of Tiffany Reisz flows very well, is also evocative and draws you in from the very first chapter. And what a beginning it was. The secrets of Nora, Kingsley and Søren are a lure all on their own! In ‘The Siren’ there were hints but in ‘The Angel’ secrets are revealed which are bloodcurdling dark, intense and just very sad. I loved Tiffany Reisz for it. For giving me the truth, painstakingly real and once revealed, right in my face for me to deal with on my own terms. It connected me to Søren and Kingsley in a way ‘The Siren’ could not. The way, Tiffany Reisz advanced and explored their past was just a breath away from mind blowing fantastic! If, Tiffany Reisz didn’t already owned me as a reader, she does now. There are lots of story twists many readers will love.

One of those story twists is, Suzanne, the reporter who wanted to reveal all. Suzanne’s actions had quite an effect on me. At one moment I hated her, the next I sympathized with her and at the end I kind of liked her. The plot twist she fuels embarks the core cast on a journey, one I couldn’t get enough of. Nora spends lots of time with Michael and Griffin. The carnal pleasures are titillating and various descriptive scenarios I read was like it got plugged right in to my senses. Chills, thrills, hot flashes and squirming in seat as a result. The eroticism read sophisticated sexy yet tapped in to all the dark desires of the characters and they owned it. Which was another reason for me to love them something fierce.

2012 is the year of Tiffany Reisz with ‘The Original Sinners’ series which will seek out and perhaps step over your boundaries, aim for your heart and will give you new characters to fall madly in love with! The Angel claimed me from start to finish and marked me as a reader.