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The Prince (The Original Sinners) - Tiffany Reisz Over the course of my life as a reader I sometimes feel blessed to be there when certain authors find their way in publishing their stories. The impact they give me with their writing style, their characters and emotions is a treasured connection. On a rare occasion an author resonates on such a visceral level words are not enough to convey what their stories do to me. This is certainly true for me regarding, Tiffany Reisz. She aims for my heart with her vivacious and intricate characters, she searches for my boundaries with whom they are and thrills me with the plotlines.

With the previous novels in this series, The Siren and The Angel, Tiffany Reisz has introduced me to phenomenal characters and storylines which blow me away each time. With The Prince I got to return to these beloved characters and I couldn't wait to find out where the story would take me.

The Prince is a story told in three timelines, the past with Søren and Kinglsey at St. Ignatius all boy school. The present, North; with Søren, Kingsley and Griffin, and the present, South; with Nora and Wesley. I love this kind of storytelling where the author begins with separate story threads and gradually intertwines them. It builds the anticipation, it tantalizes the curiosity and especially the timelines of the Past and the North kept me begging for more. I think the main whodunnit plot is cleverly done where the culprit's identity is cloaked in mystery for quite some time. The viciousness lies is in the warning signals which told me this person was very dangerous. The shock of the ending still has me reeling and let me warn you that The Prince has a cliffhanger ending.

The past storyline gave me a dose of Søren and Kingsley I reveled in. As adults their characters already kept me in thrall and as I love to dig in the past how they came to be it gave me exactly what the doctor ordered. I was spellbound by the back and forth emotions zinging between Kingsley met Søren, how their relationship developed and how they explored their desires. With them pain and pleasure, domination and submission is eroticism at its best. The only thing that niggled me on various occasions was the fact young adult Søren acted just like the adult Søren in the previous novels, and this surprised me. Like there is no growth in his characterization except his external circumstances and his level of experience in sadism, which seems already impressive as a young adult.

The present is full of mystery, of great dialogues between the steadfast cast of characters and in this timeline Nora and Wesley also surprised me. In all their wants, needs and absence of kink it surprised me how little I was invested in their relationship. I love Nora, I love Wesley, I love them both as they lived in Nora's house but now, in Kentucky, it just fell flat for me. Nora always makes me care and get invested in the men whom capture her heart but it just didn't feel right for me. Like a part of Nora wasn't into it.

I might have a few things that didn't work as well for me but on the level in which Tiffany Reisz gives the reader a story I still couldn't tear myself away from the pages. The emotional and sexual connection between various characters was equally intense creating a moving portrayal of their relationship. It swept me off my feet and made it hard to touch ground again! The characters are multi-faceted and have such distinct voices that over the course of the three novels they've come alive for me.

Tiffany Reisz has an exceptional gift to write characters whom get under your skin and inserts plots in her stories which blind sight you as it unravels. The Prince reveals the past of one of the most mysterious characters I've come across in years and gives a present to sink your teeth in.


Kingsley; Nora could hurt his body in beautiful ways. But only Soren could tear open his soul.