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Nauti Nights - Lora Leigh James “Dawg” Mackay dreams of Christa in ways that makes his fingers itch to see them become reality. Dreams of intense sexual possession that works both ways. Since Christa returned home a year ago he wants, he needs and he hungers for this woman. Now she unexpectedly walks in to an investigation of ATF and Homeland Security, a case where he and Natches are working on. Now he has a leverage he can use and so he proposes: She can take a one trip to jail while everything is sorted out or…she can come with him and spent a whole summer aboard the Nauti Dawg, has his protection and he will find out what is going one at the same time. For the question is: “Is Dawg being set up or is Christa?”

For me a Lora Leigh novel contains a trinity of sultry sexuality – profound emotions and multi dimensional characters that take your breath away in their audacity for life! Nauti Nights is steeped with these elements again and I found myself picked up by the story with an ease that astonishes me.

Dawg is all toothy grins, lean muscles, broad shoulders, ripped abdomens with a tight ass and powerful long legs. And it is all covered in denim jeans and torso hugging tees. Nevertheless, he is also one of those tough, brooding, slightly cynical men that trigger the desire to find the hidden side of his heart. He will not give it easy, nor will he be easy to love, but frankly, who wants easy when hard to get can be such a thrilling ride! And this is something Christa is definitely getting. Years ago Dawg and Christa shared momentous hours together. She remembers it crystal clear while with Dawg the memory of those hours is cloaked in sensuous, crazy driving dreams. This is the foundation upon which the story commences and it remains the center of the story, that ravenous hunger of Dawg for Christa, delving deeper into their mind, heart, soul and body then either of them ever thought possible. How could I not be reading page after page in my own hunger to see where this would all lead them to?

While the Nauti MacKay cousins share a turbulent past together in the form of their fathers it is their shared youth and adolescent years that create a synergy that make me fall so hard for every Nauti Mackay. Once more Lora Leigh creates a tribe of men’s men; they live their lives on their own terms and they exude a “screw the rest of the world attitude” what makes them so dangerous at what they do. It takes a strong minded woman that holds her ground before a Mackay and Christa is such a woman. She might have been ogling Dawg as a young woman but she has matured since then and in no need to have her soul scorched again. But life can sometimes throw a curveball, with a threatening presence out to do bodily harm Christa and Dawg are thrown back together. Dawg’s grin is wider than that of the cat in Alice of Wonderland while Christa’s mind is set on ignoring Dawg’s innate sexual nature.

The plot is an ever present storyline but when Dawg and Christa generate a heat it creates a vacuum between their undeniable hunger that needs to be satiated and the reader that becomes a voyeur with the lush erotically charged pictures that Leigh invokes. While nothing on the sexual extreme is happening it is the interlacing of the physical desire along with the growth in emotions that makes it such fierce reading experience. That absolute hunger of the body combined with an absolute need of the heart make me want it all for Dawg and Christa and once more comes down to the trinity of what I feel protrudes so from Lora Leigh’s writing. As the plot rears its ugly head again in the last third of the story it only ups the stakes and the suspense leads the way to the final pages.

As I knew that the leading couple of Nauti Nights were heading towards their happily ever after it was in those final chapters that suddenly Natches who grabbed me. This is also an element this author has perfected, to give a glimpse of the next Nauti cousin and in response it already made me reach out for him. It is the implications of him remaining as the last single Nauti cousin that reverberated through me and left an ache inside me knowing I will want to read his story soon!

Nauti Nights is one of those novels you pick up, start to read and have a wonderful time while reading it. I was a part of their lives, loves and feelings in all their facets enjoying every moment of it.

They weren’t the hell-raising, high-living, hard-loving trio they used to be. The Mackay cousins were no more.

Something was breaking apart inside Dawg. He could feel it. He fought it, he tried to force the pieces of his soul back into shape, but they continued to break away piece by piece, destroying him in the process.

Dawg was still Dawg. Just a little darker, a little more dangerous, but still determined to have everything his own way.